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The New Incantation Album - Dirges of Elysium - Is Now Available

Click Here to purchase your copy!

Listen to ''Carrion Prophecy'':

Now available as CD, Limited Edition fold out Digipak and in black or transparent red vinyl - this crushing new album is finally available for purchase!!

The European street date is June 10 and the US street date is June 24. But we have the US exclusive in starting to ship the regular CDs on Friday the 13th! Plus we are also offering it with your choice of a (regular or full print) t-shirt and you can also get an autographed poster and a 25 YEARS OF BLASPHEMOUS METAL sticker with each shirt package!

Here are some pics for the CD/Digi/Vinyl along with the two new shirts that are available with this package.

Cover Painting by: Eliran Kantor -
CD/Vinyl Layout by: Secrets Of The Black

Please note the following ship dates:
CD packages: Approx June 13 / Digipak: Approx Late June / Vinyl: Approx Late June

Dirges of Elysium is available in a regular edition CD, Limited edition Digipak, Transparent Red or Black Vinyl!

Track Listing:
Dirges Of Elysium/Debauchery
Bastion Of A Plagued Soul
Carrion Prophecy
From A Glaciate Womb
Portal Consecration
Charnel Grounds
Impalement Of Divinity
Dominant Ethos
Elysium (Eternity Is Nigh)
    Prologue (Millennium In Elysium)
    Lethe (Forgetfulness)
    Acheron (Sorrow)
    Styx (Hate)
    Phelegethon (Fire)
    Cocytus (Lamentation)

Click Here to purchase your copy!
Please note the following shipping notices regarding Dirges packages:
US customers: Please note that items MAY be shipped at different times - so you may receive part of a shipment at one time, but the rest will be following shortly! Please check your Order History
as we will be able to note if there will be sepereate shipments of your items.

Out of US customers: All items will be shipped at one time as soon as the purchase is filled. If there is a delay with one part of your purchase we will hold the rest of it until the purchase is filled and then it will be shipped.