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Reprints of the classic Incantation Deliverance and Entrantment guys shirts, long sleeves and hoodies. Plus we're bringing back the Blasphemous Cremation guys and girls shirt design!

As we've been restocking our shelves this month, we are restocking on 2 classic Incantation designs with Deliverance and Entrantment of Evil, we are also starting up a new print run of another classic design as well for Blasphemous Cremation.

Blapshemous Cremation
Available as a guys t-shirt in either red or blue logo and flames and as a girls shirt. This is the only current official version of this shirt and you can only get it from the band!!

Deliverance in Vengeance
We are also doing another reprint of these Deliverance in Vengeance shirts, longsleeves and zipup hoods that will be available approx Aug 11.

A huge 21" tall front print on the shirts/longsleeves (and the back of the zipup) this classic 2 color design is available again as a shirt, longsleeve or zipup hooded sweatshirt!!

Entrantment of Evil
Our last classic reprint is the Entrantment of Evil design now available on shirts longsleeves and zipup hooded sweatshirt. First time available as a zipup and with these sleeve prints - this design and the Deliverance designs are definitely an homage to the old school Incantation releases from over 20 years ago!

Girls Dresses
All three of these designs are now available as the customizable girls dresses!!

Available in 12 designs total and also as 2 different styles of dress styles, these new dresses are a first time offering for Incantation and have not been available (more so in all 12 designs) before!

Check out these new custom designs that are now available at